Birkbeck Mews

19.10.01 Workspace for Agile Minds in Dalston
Birkbeck Mews teems with activity associated with Ridley Road Market from dawn until dusk. Inspired by this outdoor work-life, our approach to the project aims to merge the activity of the market (including the traders, managers and street sweepers) with the new workspace above.
These businesses are not 'parasites' feeding on regeneration, but are creative trailblazers that help initiate regeneration. They understand and appreciate fragile local ecology and want to contribute but not impose themselves. The building will engage with local urban life as much as possible. It will merge the new workspaces into the neighbourhood.
Agile minds evolve amongst the intense creative mess of libraries, laboratories, workshops and art-school studios. They appreciate space with robustness, volume and light and avoid applied finishes and design gimmicks. Their workspaces are infused with their activities and methods; evolving studios rather than completed visions. The architectural design will be a tough, hardwearing background to creative endeavour, not the foreground.