Shedwan Villa

Villa in Shedwan, Egypt
Villa in Shedwan, Egypt.
The house sits centrally within a desert garden. A perimeter promenade explores the sculptural form.
Villa in Shedwan, Egypt. A new home overlooking a lagoon landscape on the edge of the Red Sea.
Villa in Shedwan
Protoytpe House for a development in El Gouna, Egypt
Direct commission for a private client
Design started in 2021
Area 165sqm
A new four-bedroomed vacation home, set independently within landscaped gardens overlooking a man-made lagoon close to the Red Sea in Egypt.
The house form has been broken into a series of distinct but linked elements, each of which takes advantage of sea views. A double height living room is connected to a large shady pergola. A rooftop terrace provides a valuable outdoor night-living space, catching cooling breezes. The house's domes, arched openings and material qualities were inspired by traditional Nubian architecture of the region.